Pig and chicken farmers are in demand and the Government is willing to let short term workers into the country to fill the void.

The agricultural occupations are two of nine additions to the Immediate Skill Shortage List [ISSL], which would allow immigrant workers to secure temporary work visas in New Zealand.

Other professions also added to the list were baker, motorcycle mechanic, clinical dialysis technician and metal machinist.

The job of optometrist had been removed from the ISSL because there was no longer a shortage, said Immigration New Zealand.

One occupation – fisheries statistician – was added to the Long Term Skill Shortage List [LTSSL] while one – anaesthetic technician – was dropped from the list.

The LTSSL recognised “sustained and ongoing” shortages and provides a Work to Residence path for migrant workers, who can apply for residency after two years working here under the scheme.

Head of Immigration New Zealand Nigel Bickle said the lists will be reviewed regularly “to ensure the occupations remain reflective of the current New Zealand workforce situation”.

He said the changes showed that the Department of Labour’s policy is flexible and responsive to the economic volatility the country is experiencing.

The next review of the lists commenced this week and will conclude in November.

Latest additions to ISSL:

Pig Farmer (Department/Unit Manager)
Medical Technician (Clinical Dialysis Technician)
Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
Metal Machinist (First Class) (CNC Machinist)
Metal Casting Trades Worker (Foundry Moulder)
Motorcycle Mechanic
Clinical Coder
Poultry Farmer (Broiler Breeder/Breeder Farm Manager)