One of the wonders of the Internet is the almost immeasurable volume of information which is available to us at the click of a button. Countless libraries, articles, points of view, sound advice and some which is not so sound, all at our fingertips.

Inevitably there is a great deal of information with many conflicting points of view. There is also information that purports to be by experts in a particular field which, sadly, is misinformation and can lead to uninformed decisions.

It is this endless availability of information which led to the development of ePAK. To bring together reliable information specifically related to migration to New Zealand.

This section contains links to information, some of it covered in the ePAK, some of it additional information, but all of it has been reviewed by our Think Tank and is considered reliable as at the time of the review by the Think Tank.

Biosecurity website, the official Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry New Zealand website which has all the information regarding importing pets, plants, seeds, foodstuffs and the like into New Zealand.

Biosecurity quick review document with information on what you may pack in your bags, you should read before packing.

Coal Association of New Zealand has a website which offers more information about coal in New Zealand


Education Review Office website provides information on the government department that evaluates and reports on the education and care of students in schools and early childhood services.

Edusearch a website which provides information on New Zealand’s education system from pre-school to adult education.

Independent Schools of New Zealand a website, where news and information about the organisation, its member schools and events are regularly updated.

Ministry of Education a website with information about education for Parents, Educators, Researchers and Students.

National Certificate of Educational Achievement a page of the NZQA website where you can get details on the national qualification for senior secondary students.

New Zealand Association of Private Education Providers (NZAPEP) the official website of the association.

New Zealand Boarding Schools Association website which provides information about the association.

New Zealand Educated a website which provides information for overseas students wanting to study here.

New Zealand Education  a website where you can learn more about how the New Zealand education system works and the education agencies that are involved in supporting the education system.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority a website with information regarding all qualifications for school and tertiary education and overseas equivalents.

The Correspondence School a website which has information on correspondence courses at all levels.

Electricity Authority website offers a great deal of information about the New Zealand electricity system.

Electronic Waste visit this website for more information on the recycling or disposing of electronic waste (TV’s, mobile phones, computers)


  •    Careers NZ a website with an extensive list of job vacancy and recruitment agency websites in NZ and overseas.
  •    NEW KIWIS website which hosts informational resources to help you make an informed decision about New Zealand jobs.
  •    SEEK is one of New Zealand’s largest and most popular online job boards.
  •    Trade Me Jobs Trade Me offers not only a listing of available jobs but also and online buy and sell portal.
  •    Work and Income a website owned and maintained by Work and Income, part of the Ministry of Social Development

Environment – MFE website of the Ministry for the Environment offering information on the environment, resources, Climate Change and much, much more on environmental affairs


  •    Ministry of Health a website which offers information about all areas of the public health system including links to District Health Board websites where you can find out more the services available in your area.
  •    Ministry of Health – Fluoride web page presents a summary of the government case for fluoridated water.
  •    New Zealand Health System is a website which provides an overview of New Zealand’s health and disability system. It describes the main organisations and structures in the system, their roles, functions, and legislative responsibilities.
  •    Health Ed is an online catalogue of free health resources from the Ministry of Health

Inland Revenue Department website where you can apply for an IRD number as well as find information relating to tax matters.

Liquid Petroleum Gas Association website provides more information about New Zealand’s gas supply

Ministry for the Environment website which offers information on relating to the environment, resources, Climate Change and much, much more.

Motor Traders – The Companies Office is the government agency responsible for administering corporate body registers, including the Motor Vehicle Traders Register, you can check their website to see if a dealer is registered.

New Zealand Transport Agency website has all the information you need relating to driving in New Zealand, rules of the road, license tests and much, much more.

Recycling of Electronic waste visit this website for more information on the recycling or disposing of electronic waste (TV’s, mobile phones, computers)

Reserve Bank of New Zealand website has a full list of registered banks and provides access to information on how credit rating works, the banking system oversight, quarterly disclosure statements by banks and more.

Road Code is available online from the New Zealand Transport Agency website

Settlement Support New Zealand website, provides information to give you a clear point of contact for new migrants in local areas around New Zealand.

Settlement Services New Zealand website, offers a wider range of information and contacts designed to help you settle well and stay in New Zealand.

Solar Industries Association website offers more information about solar energy and its uses in New Zealand

Vehicle Registration and WOF information is available online can be found on the New Zealand Transport Agency website

VTNZ (Formerly Vehicle Testing New Zealand) is the largest vehicle testing operator with over 80 outlets throughout the country. Visit their website for more information.

Water web page of the Ministry of Environment provides information about water supply and availability
WOF (warrant of fitness) ALL vehicles sold and operated in New Zealand must have a current registration and WOF which must be completed every 6 months. More information can be found on the New Zealand Transport Agency website