So the good news we have all been waiting for has finally been confirmed – Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has now bumped up the extra points on offer for obtaining a job offer outside Auckland from 10 to 30 points.

I must say, I feel I speak for a lot of advisers and clients alike when I say this is a welcome amendment to the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC).

To those unfamiliar with the SMC, it’s perhaps the most popular category for obtaining residency in New Zealand. This category is points-based, meaning various points are on offer for categories such as a person’s age; qualification; work experience; and offer of skilled employment in New Zealand.

Whenever we ask people to complete our free online assessment, it’s because we want to assess your eligibility in terms of points scored in relation to the SMC.

new-zealand-political-mapHaving a job offer in Auckland gives you 50 points; whilst you could add a further 10 points to that if you had a job offer outside the Auckland region (therefore instead of 50, you get 60 points for that job offer). Now, people can get 30 extra points for a job offer outside the Auckland region (which now gives a person 80 points instead of the previous 60!)

The map to the left indicates all the regions outside of Auckland that will give you those 80 glorious points for a job offer of skilled employment. In other words – anywhere outside the Auckland region (!)

If you have a job offer in New Zealand, then your overall points threshold to meet is 100 (meaning if you score 100 and above we can apply for residency for you). Those without a job offer on the other hand, have a points threshold of 140 points to meet, in order to be considered for residency.

So this latest change that INZ has implemented is certainly going to help people who are falling under the 100 point threshold even with a job offer outside of Auckland. Typically  these are older migrants (as the older one gets, the less points you get for the Age category) and/or those who do not have a formal qualification to count as points towards the SMC.

I must add that there is a condition though with regards to this new change:

If a person has a job offer outside the Auckland region for less than 3 months at the time of applying for residency, INZ will expect that person to remain in that area for 12 months in total before residency can be approved.

If you have been working in such an area for more than 3 months and then apply for residency, then you do not have to work in that area for the full 12 months before residency can be approved (assuming you meet all other important requirements of course).

This new change is already in effect – and both Sharon and I certainly look forward to using this advantage as it will enable us to help more people realise their dream of settling in New Zealand.

P.S. It would be remiss of me if I did not state on record my congrats to the All Blacks on a thoroughly deserved World Cup victory. Obviously I would have loved a Springbok win but let’s be honest, we didn’t deserve it.

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