Survey Intro

As we are now in the age of transparency we have introduced our publicly available Customer Satisfaction Survey, allowing our clients a chance to rate our services.

On completion of each contract, clients have the option to openly rate the service they received, make comment and add suggestions to which we will respond publicly. We encourage comment, as this may well help people understand the truly emotional journey they are about to embark on.

We are extremely proud at New Zealand Migration Services, as our staff are passionate about the profound effect that their actions have on the lives of our clients, allowing families the chance to settle in the safe and secure environment New Zealand has to offer.

We launched the survey on 13 September 2016, it has been sent to over 250 of our clients so far and we are proud to say we have achieved an outstanding 96% overall satisfaction rating to date.

It is important to read both client comments and our replies. This will give you a better understanding of the process too.

Although we encourage the participation of all of our clients we must stress that it is totally optional. A sample of the survey questionnaire can be viewed on our website here:
Survey Questions example

See the Survey Results